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Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques
Get the book that revolutionized cross-examination.
Advanced Cross-Examination Techniques
The nationally-acclaimed seminar based on the best-selling book.
> NEW! Watch Larry Pozner and Roger Dodd at work with the Advanced Cross- Examination Techniques DVD!


Advanced Cross-Examination Techniques DVD

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NEW! Filmed before a live audience in high quality digital format, Advanced Cross-Examination Techniques illustrates many of the techniques described in the best selling book Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques, 2nd Edition. Watching Larry Pozner and Roger Dodd at work will give you invaluable insight into such factors as voice inflection, word emphasis, body language, and facial expressions that play such an important role in a successful cross.

With features like scene selection by topic, the seminar materials, and the PowerPoint presentation on the DVD, you can selectively choose material to review, and learn at your own pace. Larry Pozner and Roger Dodd together have revolutionized the practice of cross-examination in the United States through their book and seminars. This DVD captures America’s most attended trial tactics seminar, which they have performed over 400 times, and in all 50 states.

Cross-Examination is the critical piece of the trial that offers you more opportunity to win. Pozner & Dodd will take you step by step through what works in the courtroom, covering:

  • The 4 Principals of Cross-Examination
  • The Only 3 Rules of Cross-Examination
  • The Chapter Method
  • Database Investigation of Witnesses, Jurors, and Experts
  • Page Preparation
  • Cross-Examination Sequences
  • Loops, Multiple Loops, and Spontaneous Loops
  • Controlling the Runaway Witness, and more.

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